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Welcome to the Davincia® online boutique. Before you make your purchases, please read the terms and conditions, to which you implicitly agree when using this site. 
These terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties to transactions on the Davincia® site at davincia.ca. Clearly defined on the site, the terms and conditions are binding on the parties and cover every step, from placing to tracking orders.
The terms and conditions are exclusively for the end consumer, i.e. any person aged 18 and older not transacting as a retailer. 
Davincia® reserves the right to adapt or modify the terms and conditions on its website at any time. We invite you to visit these pages periodically and review the terms and conditions in effect. Should the terms and conditions change, those in effect on the day an order is placed shall apply. In the event of a disputed transaction, the related computer data shall serve as proof. 

    Before placing an order, the client declares that they have the legal capacity to comply with these terms and conditions. Furthermore, Davincia® shall not be held responsible for the following: 

      Temporary service interruptions or access problems. Nevertheless, in the event of website maintenance or updates, Davincia® will do everything possible to limit browsing difficulties.

    •  Unsatisfactory website performance for reasons beyond our control (unsuitable hardware, Internet traffic, etc.).

      Indirect damages, viruses, hacking, and loss of personal or other data entered on the site.

      Carrier shipping delays. Such delays do not give clients the right to claim damages.

      More broadly, any direct or indirect damages that occur during shipping.

    Davincia® retains ownership of ordered products until full and final payment is made. The client becomes responsible for the order upon shipping and receipt.


    The content of the davincia.ca website, e.g. images, product descriptions, advice and videos, is provided for information purposes only. Davincia® ensures that the information on its website is accurate and up to date, and therefore reserves the right to correct its content at any time and without notice. All errors are reviewed and addressed.
    The listing of a product or service on the davincia.ca website does not mean that this product or service will be available at all times or indefinitely.


    The davincia.ca website has been developed to promote Davincia® products and services and make it possible for clients to purchase them online. The site includes texts, information, descriptions, images, content and videos that are protected by trademarks and by copyright. It is prohibited to modify, use or reproduce the information or material on the site for public distribution or business purposes, or in any way that compromises privacy or contravenes the terms of this site. Any unauthorized use shall lead to consequences.

    The accuracy of billing information, e.g. email address, billing or shipping address, and telephone number, is crucial. Davincia® cannot be held responsible for client errors or their effects on shipping times.
    Prices are in Canadian dollars. Under Canadian law, the taxes charged on products purchased through davincia.ca depend on the shipping address. Clients in Quebec pay GST and QST. Clients in the rest of Canada pay GST and HST, where applicable. 
    Shipping charges will appear on the purchase order and be added to the bill. For more information about these charges, read the shipping and returns section. 
    Davincia® reserves the right to change its prices should costs increase, including taxes, or in the event of manifest error (incorrect information). 
    Davincia® retains ownership of the merchandise described in the sales document until full and final payment of the order. Final order confirmation is provided after confirmation of payment. 
    Secure online payment is used. Davincia® reserves the right to cancel any order for which payment is not authorized. Once authorization is received, an order confirmation email summarizing the purchased items and the billing/shipping address is sent to the client. 

    The client confirms all the information pertaining to orders placed on the davincia.ca website, i.e. items ordered, purchase price, applicable taxes and shipping costs, before the payment is processed. 
    By clicking Process Checkout, the client sends an offer to purchase the items described in the confirmation to Davincia®. In so doing, they agree to pay the purchase amount and to comply with the terms and conditions. Note that placing an order is not binding on the client until Davincia® accepts it and sends confirmation by email. 

    Currently, Davincia® ships only to Canada. 

     Order cancellation 
    A client cannot cancel an order if: 

    •  Execution expenses have been incurred. 

    •  The package is on its way. 

    5.2 Order processing 
    Davincia® undertakes to process orders as quickly as possible. Orders are processed Monday to Friday, except on January 1 and 2, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving and December 25. 
    Furthermore, orders placed between December 24 and January 2 will only be processed after January 2. To receive orders during the holidays, clients must place them before December 23.  
    Orders are shipped on business days, i.e. Monday to Friday.  
    The Davincia® team may email a client regarding an order. The information in such emails is essential to processing orders, so clients should check their inboxes. 

    Davincia® reserves the right to limit order quantities, close an account or refuse or cancel an order. Specifically, Davincia® may cancel any suspicious order, for example, if the quantity exceeds a person’s day-to-day needs, or abnormally frequent orders are placed with the same billing or shipping address. For more information about ordering products, write to [email protected].

    No refunds. Only exchanges for products of equal or lesser value are allowed. In the event of an exchange, the shipping costs will be billed to the client.
    If, for any reason, a client is dissatisfied with their purchase, they must email Davincia® at [email protected] within 30 days of the delivery date. The receipt for the product and its original packaging are required for an exchange.


    If a purchased product turns out to be defective within 30 days of delivery, the client must contact Davincia® for instructions, even if most products have a 30-day guarantee after purchase.

    • If a product is damaged at the time of delivery, the client must contact Davincia® as soon as possible. All damaged or defective products must be returned with a description of the problem and the original packaging, in good condition.

    • The client is responsible for the package until Davincia® receives it.

     No merchandise will be accepted without a return authorization number. 


    8.1 Prices
    Prices on the davincia.ca website are in Canadian dollars. They do not include taxes or shipping costs. These prices may change without notice. However, products will always be billed at the price in effect when they were ordered. 
    8.2 Promotional offers
    Promotions on the davincia.ca website are only available in Canada and apply to products sold solely on the website. These promotional offers are valid only during the specified period, and they may also change. Furthermore, promotional offers (promotions, discounts, etc.) cannot be accumulated, except for free shipping. 
    8.3 Contests 
    Participation in the contests posted on the davincia.ca website entails acceptance of the policies on this site, contest rules and applicable laws. 

    Davincia® keeps its clients’ personal information confidential. However, sharing such personal information with Davincia® entails acceptance of its use and analysis. This information is also needed to respond to requests for newsletter subscriptions, honour promotions and manage orders. Consequently, Davincia® asks its clients to carefully read this policy, which applies to all personal information it receives. 
    Davincia® clients can review, correct or delete personal information at any time, and object to its use by writing to customer service at [email protected].

    9.1 Data collection 
    Davincia® collects personal information for the following reasons only: 

    •  To manage newsletter subscriptions and cancellations

    •  To send out information about the company and its activities

    •  To send advertising and business development messages (with the client’s prior authorization)  To manage orders placed on the website

    9.2 Data recipients  
    Davincia® is the only recipient of its clients’ personal information.  
    Davincia® does not share this personal information with third parties, except under the following circumstances: 

    •  Davincia® must share the information with third parties to provide the requested service.

    •  A judicial or other administrative authority orders Davincia® to provide the information. 

    Davincia® clients’ personal information is stored on central servers hosted by a Canadian service provider. 

    9.3 Data security and confidentiality 
    Davincia® makes every effort to ensure the security and confidentiality of all personal information it collects, and to prevent access by unauthorized third parties. However, Davincia® cannot protect this information from all risks related to the functioning of the Internet.


    Davincia® products are sold on the davincia.ca website, by brand retailers and by its network of health and skincare consultants. Consequently, any sale, purchase or delivery of branded products for resale outside these networks is prohibited. Regardless of whether the brand or product integrity is compromised, any breach of this rule could give rise to civil liability and, if applicable, legal proceedings.

    When davincia.ca content is displayed, browsing information is likely to be saved in cookies on the user’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Among other functions, these cookies allow users to access their accounts without having to type their passwords each time, and Davincia® uses them to offer better service by customizing the content displayed. Cookies can be disabled at any time by changing the browser settings. 

    11.1 What are cookies for? 
    Cookies allow Davincia® to: 

    •  Adapt the presentation of the davincia.ca website to the display preferences on the user’s device (language, resolution, etc.)

    •  Store information provided by the user (registration form or account information) and products selected on the site (e.g. products in the cart)

    •  Allow access to personal spaces at davincia.ca—the retailer section, for example—with identification or data provided to Davincia®

    •  Implement security measures (for example, when a user is prompted to log in again after a long period of inactivity) 
    11.2  Cookie management options
    Several management options allow users to change their cookie preferences at any time:
    The browser can be configured to save cookies on the device, allow some or block them all. The browser can also be configured to systematically prompt the user to accept or block cookies. 

    Blocking cookies
    Blocking certain cookies can prevent users from accessing spaces on the davincia.ca website (for example, My portal). It can also prevent Davincia® from being able to recognize the type of browser on the device, as well as the language and display settings. Should this happen, Davincia® accepts no responsibility for service malfunctions on the davincia.ca website resulting from the inability to save or use the cookies needed for the services to function properly. 


    If you would like to send us a complaint or ask for information about the terms and conditions of the Davincia® online boutique, write to [email protected]